February 9, 2005

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Lights Out on Bad Habits... or... Only Straight Screws for Me


Like David Sedaris, I have a few strange compulsive behaviours that my mother noticed at an early age. Most of them are pretty minor and not worth mentioning... but one day she told me that I needed to stop them or else I would end up like a family friend who insisted that all of the screws on his light switches and electrical face plates were perfectly aligned up and down. When she said that to me, my world made perfect sense and I knew I would have to straighten the screws on all of my lighting/electrical fixtures. However, I took a liberal approach to screw straightening and decided it wasn't worth the hassle of making all the screws in my house point up and down.... instead, I make sure that all of the screws on a single face plate are parallel with each other and either parallel or perpendicular with the ground.
You may have noticed a little aqua sun on the face plate (or maybe you didn't)... but I can never remember which switch is for the garbage disposal and which is for the light.... so I drew a picture of a sun above the garbage disposal... j/k.. it's actually above the light switch. Similarly, I can never remember which way to turn what handle on my shower to get the proper temperature.... but I haven't found a way to incorporate a little, aqua sun yet..... stay tuned for pictures of me trying to figure out that dilemma tomorrow.... showering the way God intended me to shower.... with my white, ankle length socks on...
Posted by hans1995 at February 9, 2005 12:10 PM