May 17, 2005

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The Deadly Arms of V.E.

I woke up this morning in the deadly arms of V.E. .... eyes darting around the room.... unable to breathe… looking for my next hit…

It started simple, like most addictions. I religiously watched Arrested Development and made a copy of each episode so I could religiously watch them again. But I needed a bigger hit, so I obsessed over a full length movie... singing theme songs to myself for a month straight. Now, I have progressed even further and can't stop myself from video editing. I've been working for 2 weeks straight, have a list of 5 people to call back, 2 unheard voicemails, a trip that's going unplanned and a co-worker who's been ignored all week.

Thus, I decided I must stop working on this video! I will only allow myself to:

  • Fix a 10 sec clip where the voice isn't synched correctly.
  • Make name plates as professional as I can by 7pm tonight.
  • Add one more song to the opening act of the film.

...that way, I will finally be done… so I can devote myself to making the trailer and blooper reel!!

Posted by hans1995 at May 17, 2005 8:50 AM