September 28, 2005

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AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I don't have anything to say, so I will just name off random things I have been thinking about saying:

  1. I did steal the circus peanuts!! And I ate them! I ate them all! I love them. I've slowly been sucking on them until they are sticky enough to be molded into the form of Ellen. Once it is complete, we shall wed and I will show the real Ellen for stealing my second-TV-wife from me (Portia*De*La*Rossie)
  2. I did call, shermie, I did! (But she hates The Bell and erased my message so Mr Blog would never call back...)
  3. Today I tried to pick fights with THREE people, but nobody would fight with me. I just wanted to drive to friend's house, ring the doorbell and then shove them when they answer.... particularly if they don't have a peep-hole. (And by peep-hole, I am not refeering to a mouth). Once I shoved them I would run away and make some juvinile comment about their mother, unless it was true, then I would disparage their grandmother, unless she was no longer with us, and then I would make insinuations about them and a donkey.
  4. I've gone out of my mind crazy bored. Who knew that Cnn, Bbc, Discover, Economist, Cockeyed and could eventually be dull.
  5. Reading SuperStud is like WATCHING A TRAIN WRECK. At first his life was just like mine, but then he outgrew me around chapter three. Now I worry that the rest of my life will turn out like his. I am frantically reading to the end in hopes that there is some moral I can learn. Some way to avoid this destiny. My normally snail-pace reading has increased to armadillo (or armadijo as they say in Argentína).
  6. I enjoy talking with native spanish speakers on campus. The last two times I have seen them, I told them: "Me gusta dibujar ovejas" y "Cada noche cantaba sobre galletas".
  7. Got to eat ice-cream with a German native in town for the day. We both ordered mint ice-cream with M&Ms. He said its his favorite, but I wonder if he just copied me because he is incapable of making a decision (like me... I spent 5 minutes taking TV dinners out of freezer section and then putting them back and then looking over the selection I had in my cart... putting them back in the freezer.... i've decided to eat other flavors from Toxic Burn Lasagna. This indecision was after an afternoon of trying on 8 black pairs of sweat pants. I finally decided on one after a re-try proved it was my favorite a second time).
  8. My stapler ain't got no staples and I think someone used it and didn't refill it. I haven't used my stapler ever since I ran a USB cord threw the middle of it.
  9. I like being able to sleep when I take Nyquil, but I no longer need to take it for my cold. When I take Nyquil, I only wake up once/night. If I stop taking it, that number will rise to two or three.
  10. Last night, roommate CAPTAIN IRONING BOARD turned on the A/C before going to bed (outside temp: 50 degrees). Since he had to crank it really low before it kicked in, it never shut off. Woke up in a rainy tundra. Decided to drive to work so I didn't have to walk through the rain. I was already bone cold when i woke up.
  12. Tried eating lunch with other techs the last 3 days. Can't find them in the lunch room.... think they moved spots on me. (After reading this post, you probably wonder why? Save those thoughts for the comments section).
  13. I don't want to do dishes. Made tacos this week. Serrano peppers were hotter than I remembered. I QuIt buying RESER tortillas because they stick in the fridge. I hate half tortillas. Now, I buy the package with the Mexican flag. I watched a public tv documentry about Mexico.... want to go again.... as much as i hate scorpions, being kidnapped/ransomed, hot sun, dry weather, tequilla, mustaches and Mexico City Smog, all the ancient pyramids draw me like a moth to butter. You butter believe it you moth-hair donkey hocker.

Posted by steveh at September 28, 2005 9:38 PM