November 11, 2005

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Caution: Wet Paint

wetpaint2.jpg Caution: Wet Paint

I THOUGHT I was being nice... 2 days after the painters left, I removed all the wet paint signs as a public courtesy. But some little snot in the department mocked me.... so I photocopied the wet paint signs and covered her desk. I added another 20 after this picture, but didn't have time to snap another pic.

Personal favorites: the chair sign, the cylindrical chair leg sign and the various hidden throughout her desk (not pictured above).

In unrelated news: I had a busride vision the other day. I am going to a potluck this weekend and on the bus I had the epiphany of bringing bread because I could fire up the old breadmaker. Then, when I got to work, the potluck was already assigned. Mine: bread.... ooooooh....

Posted by steveh at November 11, 2005 4:52 PM