December 6, 2005

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Dear Potential Home Buyer

Panarium penultimum eyes the future

I visit the chaple of the blog, but refused to be baptised in Blogianity's holy trinity of posts, reading and comments for fear that committing to anything will reduce my individuality and self-reliance. I love the idea of frequent posts, but my deeply engrained prefectionism (as deep as my love for Airplane I) thrawts me at each mediocre post. (Aren't 31 "least interesting" posts to every 3 "comicly brilliant" posts enough?!)

This week I have been a bundle of anxiety. Change is in the air... you can only hold your breath for so long.... I had a wonderfully bittersweet final ice-cream with a friend who moves soon.... I watched a hillarious-as-always pen-pen-penultimum Arrested Development... I'm making the slow, painful metamorphasis into a professional comedian.... and changes at work are brewing...

Don't worry about your house. Everything ALWAYS works out the way it must... Plans F, G and H are wonderful, but you need to draw the line somewhere. Get Dutch hot cocoa. Read a poem. Listen for the beauty of Wilhelmena's 10 minute smile. That's what life is really about.

Posted by steveh at December 6, 2005 11:06 AM