January 31, 2006

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The Perfect Condo (Mmmm, glass, metal, light, aaaahhhh)

I'm dog-sitting this week and driving to work from a different direction. Along the route, I found a condo that looks perfect and it's even for sale (boy do I have good tastes!).

Last night I drempt that my parents and I toured another set of condos I liked.... but we were all disappointed with the helicopter ride, so we decided we would look at the "perfect" condo. I missed the initial turn and we ended up getting all confused with one-ways, dead-ends and strangly-shaped parking lots. So we got out of the car and walked the rest of the way.... it was a maze through restaurants, stores, townhouses, parks.... I knew how to get there, but I never made it before waking up....

I think there must be a metaphor in there somewhere....

Posted by steveh at January 31, 2006 2:34 PM