February 8, 2006

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Hello Old Me

After two weeks of being away, I was ready to get home! I felt like a guy who had been in a coma for years and suddenly got a second lease on life. I ran from thing to thing.... smelling the laundry detergent I'm used to.... touching the silky fabric on my pillow... looking at pictures of Minneapolis I had taken and hung on the wall... eating tacos I made with real jalepeƱo, garlic and onion chunks in the meat.... and listening to the water fountain gurgle in my bedroom....

I didn't want to leave my room when the alarm rang, but I was equally excited to take a brisk morning walk to the bus, where I could close my eyes and let my mind wander for 20 minutes while the bus driver worried about lines of backed-up cars stuck on the crowded interstate above us.

Posted by steveh at February 8, 2006 10:11 AM