August 16, 2006

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Left Behind Series: the elevator


A co-worker brought his spunky kids into the office. I told them about a game where I take the elevator to the ground floor, run out, drop my mail in the near-by box, and then try to run back and catch the same elevator. They bought my game and the three of us headed down with my electric bill. However, as they ran from the elevator, I pushed the close door button and they never made it back in.

Their dad later explained the scam and I got a priceless display of bitter faces. Dad reported this conversation between his kids while leaving last night....

C: It wasn't very nice of him to trick us on the elevator.
F: No, it wasn't.
C: It's the kind of thing that undermines your confidence.
F: I don't see why a grown man would want to harm our self-esteem.

They've got so much to learn....

Posted by steveh at August 16, 2006 9:45 AM