May 30, 2007

TriPics :: Rome


typical street scene :: spanish steps [rome]


mediterranean sea :: dusk [iscia]


st peter's basilica


where everyone knows my name

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May 9, 2007

visual dna


i hate making people fill out stupid surveys about themselves, but i love the idea of visual dna [a string of pictures revealing your preferences/personality].

maybe it's all the cold medicine talking, but i'm posting a link to the survey anyway... at home sick.... slept all afternoon.... need a nap soon...

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May 8, 2007



i couldn't fall asleep because my arm had the hiccups.... i moved it, i shook it, i rolled over, but the muscle continually twitched at average hiccup speeds until i fell asleep.... i guess this is the cross those of us with rapidly growing muscles need to bear...

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May 6, 2007

gb's commented-out mix cd


readers only know each other intellectually and textually... until now....

if you are considered to be a reader, frequent, of generation[bob], please forward me one MP3s musical file via backchannels. i will post a streaming mix cd for audible enjoyment.

:: reader alert :: a cold and poor turn-out has postponed this project indefinitely. dsplit is plus >5< for enthusiasm, unbridled or otherwise.

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May 4, 2007

cake effect slow


ate two pieces of rum cake [ice-cream].... need a nap.... soon....

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May 3, 2007



i woke up and knew the answer to everything i've wondered about life, myself, the universe is oxidation was my revelation more helpful than 42? the answer lies in oxidation....

  • basic def: releasing an electron, which makes you receptible to bond with new elements [combustion, rusting, alcohol formation]
  • biology: photosynthetic cycle of using stored energy and creating new energy stores [imbalances result in sleep apnea, shock, infected bloodstream]
  • ceramics: a type of firing, not clouded by smoke, that brings out the glazes natural coloring in a clean, carefully controlled manner.

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May 1, 2007

fantasy fantasy league


well it took a little longer than last year, but "generation bob" is once again in first place of the fantasy fantasy league. this year my fantasy fantasy roster includes:
* albert einstein [manager]
* igor stravinsky [secretary]
* the cast of both offices [undersecretaries]
* a banana [independent counsel]

our mission was to mulch 40 hectares of raccoon paintings.

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