June 27, 2007

sheer splendor

did anyone see wed night's sunset? one of the most amazing things ever. i was in the middle of dinner.... in the middle of a tv show... and i ran out the door to see it.... no camera... no sweater... just one of those spectacular nights you can only dream of...

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June 23, 2007

personal stories needed

i am master of technology, statistics [and my domain]. however, here i find myselves stuck at a cross-road:

a | light, portable laptop [4 lbs] with slow processor
b | fast, powerful laptop [6 lbs] with 50% more weight

considerations :: i'll be travelling more [so vote a??], but i'm also going to start video-blogging [so vote b???]

what say you? what did you buy for yourself? please share your regrets [technological or otherwise]

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June 18, 2007

movies for movie makers

once or twice a year i watch a movie that makes me excited to make movies. this year's lucky prize goes to "the science of sleep", suggested by dsplit. quirky, funny, real, absurd. everything made out of cardboard made me laugh. one on hand, i'm glad someone made it. on the other, i'm upset i didn't get to. i also ate ice-cream tonight.

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June 12, 2007

staktospheric event proposition


straktospheric event proposition :: 43c
destination :: pedal.pub
cost :: $20/person (full pub assumed)
duration :: 2 hour evening

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June 11, 2007

how do you get where you are


skirting the issue of whether you should pepper your university with advertisements promoting your university to people who already attend..... we can all agree that there is no reason tell people how to get to the university after you have already arrived.

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June 8, 2007


all womens and mens new shoes must be crafted from italian woods by joseph debach. the world wide interwebs doesn't do justice to the fly in-person displays i saw....




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June 7, 2007

new username

user direktive 84debb :: new email username

* maze of personal email a mess
* ready to abandon and consolidate
* new username needed, preferred host[gmail]

names in the running.... plus ones you leave in comments....


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June 5, 2007



italy's only major corporation is fiat... but there is a gelateria on every street corner.... this makes me think the entire country is run on ice-cream.... (mafia controlled confections???)... but it still doesn't explain why i ordered two 2-Euro cups of gelato every day, but i have a hard time splurging for a $2 cone of Izzy's Ice-cream in st paul. hey. did anyone see that car just go by? it was red. COOL!

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June 4, 2007

elevated mahem


rome is many things, but elevator-friendly is not one of them. to reach the 5th floor of our building, 4 bags and 3 people had to manually open 2 doors for 1 ride in a 1/2 sized phonebooth that traveled at 1/3 the speed of small town news... but that was just the beginning of my complaints...

riding down by myself, the elevator stopped to picked up an elder-granny. not knowing cramped-elevator-etiquette, i scrunched against the corner. she jibbered away. i pointed up and down (trying to explain elevators through her senility) and then I motioned that I was going DOWN. she jibbered more. i pointed down again, frustrated with her elementary understanding of motion. she just kept jabbering....

unable to take it anymore, i left the elevator figuring i could walk the remaining couple flights.... only to realize we were on the ground level and that i had just wasted 2 minutes of her soon-to-terminate life....

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