Hezbollah leader urges protesting in Middle East

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Hezbollah's leader appeared in a rare speech Monday, to urge Muslims to take to the streets and protest a film that negatively depicts the prophet Mohammed, according to a CNN report.

Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Lebanon's Hezbollah movement, asked all Muslims worldwide to push for laws to criminalize the insulting of any monotheistic faiths, from Abraham to Moses, to Jesus and Mohammed, the report said.

He also said the release of the full film would have dangerous repercussions around the world, said a report filed by Al Jazeera

An Al Jazeera correspondent also said the fact that Nasrallah showed up, "was a sign how significant this issue is and was only the beginning of what they would do to protest".

Nasrallah also called for protests in specific places at specific times, and added all Americans and Muslims should remain vigilant to avoid moving toward strife, according to an article on NBC News.

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