Packers lose on blown call at end of game

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The Green Bay Packers should have been awarded a offensive pass interference call that would have won them the game, but the refs blew it, according to an article on

Eight players went up to try to catch a hail-mary pass at the end of regulation, and it appeared as though the Packers had come up with a clutch interception. However, Golden Tate, a Seahawks wide receiver, wrestled him for possession, and was awarded the the touchdown because he had simultaneous possession, the article said.

The NFL said they support the referee's decision to not overturn the call on the field, according to They added the referees would have needed to see irrefutable evidence to overturn the call, and that it was not clear enough in the replay to overturn the play.

The league has been riddled with complaints about the replacement officials, and came in Tuesday morning to find more than 70,000 voicemails left at their corporate offices, a NFL source told ESPN.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is meeting with representatives of the locked out referees today, although those meetings had already been planned, the ESPN article said.

The NFL locked out the officials in June after their contract expired. Unable to reach a new collective bargaining agreement, the league opened the season with replacements, most with experience only in lower levels of college football, according to the ESPN article.

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