University of Minnesota to freeze tuition if new budget is approved

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In an effort to appease student concerns about the rising costs of tuition, the University of Minnesota hopes to freeze tuition if their new biennial budget is approved, the Star Tribune reported Friday.

The budget request would put the amount of money they University receives at the 2001 level, but this time a certain amount of the money would be performance based, said the Star Tribune.

Mila Koumpilova of the Pioneer Press said the University has set five goals for itself, including giving more tuition assistance and meeting higher graduation rates. If it does reach at least three of those benchmarks, they would receive an additional 11.5 million dollars in the second year of the budget.

Brandon Largent of the Minnesota Daily said the total relief funding would total more than 40 million of the two years of the budget.

Jenna Ross of the Star Tribune also reported the budget contains 18 million dollars for a new fund called MNDrive, which supports robotics and advanced manufacturing, global food supply, industry and environment, and treatments for brain conditions.

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