Hurricane Sandy barrels towards landfall

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Hurricane Sandy, a superstorm that threatens nearly 50 million people in the most populated area in the United States, gained strength Monday as it approaches the East Coast, said a article.

The storm has already boasted sustained winds of 90 mph, with even higher gusts, and has gained 10 mph as it moves closer to land, the article said.

Forecasters say the storm should make landfall in Southern New Jersey sometime Monday night, and is expected to collide with a winter storm that's moving south from the Arctic, the article said.

In New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie has urged his citizens to evacuate, said a Los Angeles Times article. Already they have seen some flooding, and more than 35,000 people are without power.

Schools across several states shut down Monday, as well as many non-essential government offices, and even Wall Street, the article said.

Sophia Hollander of the Wall Street Journal says the storm has reduced New York City to a ghost town, as all of the city's public transit system was shut down Sunday morning, prompting many businesses to do the same.

The incoming storm has reduced the cab ride between Manhattan and the financial district to less than 10 minutes, adding that a local wine store is seeing their business boom.

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