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For the multimedia sites, I chose the multimedia site and the New York Times multimedia site. These two sites look, feel, and operate very differently.

The site features a 3D tour of Hemingway's house, or many other sites, as well as 360 Degree images, and lots of other cool features that you don't normally see. There is very little writing that goes with these, however, other than just brief backgrounds of what you're looking at. This site seems to be aimed more at people who are looking for a time killer, for something that they can't see themselves. They also feature a lot of historical items, like the strike on Yugoslavia, and a lot of information about elections all over the world in the past decade.

The New York Times site seems to be more geared to telling the news through pictures. They have many slideshows, including one about the VP debate from last night. There is a solid paragraph that accompanies each picture, along with a unique cutline for each photo. The photos feature not only the candidates, but also the people outside the debate hall, newscasters, and other angles you might not think of. They also have a feature that breaks down the President's and Mitt Romney's most used hand gestures, showing them to you, and explaining what they mean. The writing for this site is much more newsy than that of the site, and seems to be more focused on informing, rather than entertaining.

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Nice work. GG

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