CIA Director David Petreaus resigns after extramarital affair

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David Petreaus, the director of the CIA, admitted to an extramarital affair Friday, and resigned his post, said Dana Ford of CNN.

The resignation brought an abrupt halt to a career that saw 37 years of service to the country, Ford said.

According to several sources, Petreaus committed the affair with his biographer Paula Broadwell, said Adam Goldman of the Huffington Post.

The FBI was investigating the affair, after they received a tip that Broadwell might have personal access to his emails, Goldman said.

Greg Miller and Sari Horwitz of the Washington Post said the investigation is not expected to result in accusations of criminal wrongdoing by Petraeus or Broadwell, according to the two law enforcement officials, who spoke on the condition that their names be withheld because they were not authorized to speak publicly.

The Obama administration had expected to make changes in the national security team, but it was widely believed Petreaus' job was safe, Miller and Horwitz said.

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