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The story I found is about the recovery of the Pakistani girl who was shot by the Taliban.

The story could have easily talked about the stereotypes of Arab-Muslims, and specifically the girl, but the story moves beyond that, and really gets to the meat of the story quickly. It is a well written feature about the miraculous recovery of this girl. It focuses on the journey that she's taken in the last month, rather than hovering on the cultural differences. It doesn't talk about how the health care in Pakistan may be different, or how living in the Middle East doomed her.

Much of the material of this story seems to come firsthand. It seems that the reporters is present in Pakistan, because it talks about the scene on the ground in Pakistan. It also uses past interviews CNN has done with the girl, and well as press releases from the UN to tell this story. The story also uses official government press releases, and information from within the hospital where the girl is being held.

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