Obama talks taxes, Petreaus, and more at press conference

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President Obama wasted no time in his first press conference after being re-elected, promptly addressing his tax plan, said Jeanne Sahadi of CNN Money.

Obama will push hard to increase taxes on the top one percent of the nation, while striving to prevent tax increases on the rest of Americans, she said.

"We should not hold the middle class hostage while we debate tax cuts for the wealthy," said Obama, as cited in a USA Today article.

Catalina Camia of USA Today, said Obama is pushing for a deal before the holidays.

Obama answered questions in the just over hour long press conference, ranging from the Petreaus scandal to comments made about U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, said Peter Nicholas of the Wall Street Journal.

Obama ended the press conference by refusing to answer a question shouted out by a Bloomberg reporter, citing it would set a bad precedent, Nicholas said.

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