Egypt high court suspends session

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The Egyptian High Court suspended its session Sunday after protestors blocked them from entering the courts, said Reza Sayah of

The judges said they will not return to work until they can do so with no psychological or physical pressures, Sayah said.

The court was set to rule on the legitimacy of a legislative assembly that pushed through a new constitution referendum last week, said David Kirkpatrick of the New York Times.

Upon approaching the court on Sunday morning, the judges said in a statement that they saw crowds "closing the entrances of the roads to the gates, climbing the fences, chanting slogans denouncing its judges and inciting the people against them," Kirkpatrick said.

Many of the protestors see the court as a vestige of the ousted Mubarak regime, according to a article.

This is the same court that dissolved the Muslim Brotherhood-led lower house of parliament in June, the article said.

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