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The Egyptian High Court suspended its session Sunday after protestors blocked them from entering the courts, said Reza Sayah of

The judges said they will not return to work until they can do so with no psychological or physical pressures, Sayah said.

The court was set to rule on the legitimacy of a legislative assembly that pushed through a new constitution referendum last week, said David Kirkpatrick of the New York Times.

Upon approaching the court on Sunday morning, the judges said in a statement that they saw crowds "closing the entrances of the roads to the gates, climbing the fences, chanting slogans denouncing its judges and inciting the people against them," Kirkpatrick said.

Many of the protestors see the court as a vestige of the ousted Mubarak regime, according to a article.

This is the same court that dissolved the Muslim Brotherhood-led lower house of parliament in June, the article said.

Palestinian militants launched rockets at Israel Thursday, Josh Levs of CNN said.

Israel reported three people dead, while the Palestinians have put their number of dead at 13, though they will not say how many of them were militants, Levs said.

More than 245 rockets have been fired at Israel since "Operation Pillar of Defense" began Wednesday, Levs said.

Tel Aviv residents say they heard an explosion following an air-raid alert across the city, raising fears of a Gaza rocket strike on Israel's commercial capital, according to a article.

Officials said two rockets had been fired at Tel Aviv early Thursday, but no reports had been made about where or when they hit, according to a article.

According to the article, earlier in the day, a third rocket landed in an open area of Rishon Lezion, a city on Tel Aviv's southern outskirts, but there were no casualties.

Quake in Myanmar kills 13

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A strong earthquake in Myanmar killed 13 and left more than 40 wounded, according to a article.

According to the article, the epicenter of the 6.8-magnitude quake was centered 52 kilometers (32 miles) north-northeast of the town of Shwebo in the Sagaing region, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

The small towns nearest to the epicenter were hardest hit, said Aye Aye Win of ABC News.

An official from Myanmar's Meteorological Department said the magnitude-6.8 quake struck at 7:42 a.m. local time, Win said.

The U.S. Geological Society reported a 5.8-magnitude aftershock later Sunday, but there were no initial reports of new damage or casualties, according to a Los Angeles Times article.

Two U.S. sailors have been indicted by the Japanese government for the rape of a Japanese woman on the island of Okinawa, said Junko Oguro of CNN.

The case has deepened tensions between the two countries, Oguro said.

Seaman Christopher Browning and Petty Officer 3rd Class Skyler Dozierwalker, both 23, are accused of choking and raping the woman in a parking lot for nearly an hour Oct. 16, according to the Naha public prosecutor's office and police statements, said Travis Tritten of the Stars and Stripes.

The incident sparked an island wide curfew for U.S. servicemembers, Tritten said.

A protest rally was held in the city of Okinawa, one of the municipalities hosting the U.S. Air Force's Kadena Air Base, late last month, with about 1,300 people participating, according to a Daily Yomiuri Online article.

Japanese and military police searched the sailors rooms and found some of the woman's possessions, the article said.

Two British soldiers were shot Tuesday by a man wearing an Afghan police uniform, said a article.

More than 50 people have been killed by these so-called "green-on-blue" attacks, the article said.

The British Ministry of Defense said the attack happened at a checkpoint in Helmand Province's Nahri Sarraj district, according to a article.

"The loss of these soldiers is a huge blow," Maj. Laurence Roche, a spokesman for British troops in Helmand, said in a statement in the Fox News article.

The increase of these attacks in the last year has a lot of people on edge about the future security of Afghanistan, said Heidi Vogt in an article.

In addition to the 50 coalition troops killed this year by this insider violence, 50 Afghans have also been killed by their colleagues, Vogt said.

Several deadly bombings and shootings around Iraq have left 14 dead, according to an article.

The article said that at least five passengers on a bus carrying civilians in Taji, a city near Baghdad, were killed by a bomb planted on the vehicle on Saturday, and 12 others were wounded.

Another blast in Baghdad, near a playground, killed eight and wounded 24 more, a article said.

"Nobody expected this explosion because our neighborhood has been living in peace, away from the violence hitting the rest of the capital," said Bassem Mohammed, a 35-year-old father of three in the neighborhood who was startled by the blast.

A roadside bomb exploded in an outdoor market north of Baghdad, killing five people and wounding 13 more, according to a article.

Baghdad's Shiite-dominated government has blamed the recent attacks on Sunni insurgents with ties to militant network al Qaeda, the article said.

Pope Benedict XVI named the 17th century Mohawk Kateri Tekakwitha the first Native American saint Sunday, said Laura Smith-Spark of CNN.

His canonization was celebrated along with six other newly named saints during Mass Sunday morning at the Vatican, she said.

Thousands of pilgrims from around the world, including many North American Native Americans converged on St. Peter's Square for the special event, said Naomi O'Leary in a Christian Science Monitor article.

The other new saints include a nun who tended a Hawaiian leper colony and a French missionary killed in Madagascar, according to a article.

The church decided Kateri was ready for sainthood after a Native American boy was healed of a ravaging flesh eating bacteria, the article said.

The article also said the church thought this canonization would give the church a huge boost among Native Americans.

The Israeli Navy stopped and boarded a ship that was attempting to break the naval blockade of Gaza Saturday, according to a article.

An Israeli Navy spokesperson said they boarded the ship after it was clear the passengers on board were unwilling to cooperate, the article said.

The Estelle left Naples, Italy October 7, with 30 passengers and supplies like cement, basketballs and musical instruments, according to an article on

The article also said this is just one of many ships to attempt to break the naval blockade since Hamas seized the coastal territory in 2007.

The ship was diverted to a nearby Israeli port, after it was boarded 30 nautical miles from Gaza, said Diaa Hadid of the Huffington Post.

Nobody on board resisted arrest, and all are safe in Israel, said Hadid.

Afghan war turns 11

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United States and NATO troops continue to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan, as they have been for the past 11 years, Charlie D'Agata of CBS News said.

Over the years, the mission has changed from largely NATO led missions to now Afghan led missions, he said.

Now most of the troops from the surge at the beginning of President Obama's tenure are gone, leaving just 100,000 troops in country to train and mentor Afghan forces, according to an article on

The Taliban has taken all this to mean that they've won, the article said. "With the help of Allah, the valiant Afghans under the Jihadi leadership of Islamic Emirates defeated the military might and numerous strategies of America and NATO alliance," they said.

The Taliban still has a stronghold on the southern part of the country, said an article, and fears are that they will try to take the country over again once NATO forces leave in 2014.

The Philippines has reached a peace deal with Muslim rebels in the southern part of the country, according to a article.

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front, or MILF, has been fighting for their own independent state in Mindanao, a southern island of the Philippines, the article said.

The agreement comes after 15 years of negotiation, and 40 years of fighting that has killed more than 120,000 people, said Lindsey Murdoch Bangkok of the Sydney Morning Herald.

The group recently dropped its request for a separate Muslim state, and has also renounced terrorism acts in the region, said Bangkok.

Hopes are high for peace for the region, but there is concern that certain Muslim groups could split off from the MILF, causing more instability in the region, according to an Egypt Independent article.

But barring any setbacks, the new entity, which will be called Bangsamoro, will be in place by 2016, the article said.

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