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Thoughts on a Hypothesis

After meeting with the Onion group last week, I confronted the harsh reality of composing my thoughts and the responsibility of making decisions...until today, I have successfully set that reality aside. (I think it is on a stick somewhere at the State Fair) To gather my thoughts, I am trying to answer the question posed to me, What a successful thesis is to me? I found myself tapping into the original interests that lead me into architecture: culture and language. So, now I have my passion, which I think is a great start ( for May) and I need to direct it. These thoughts led me to semiology and Charles Jencks, which led me to wanting to shoot my foot. So, I am still thinking...


Shawna- I couldn't relate more to these sentiments. Every time I write something down my topic becomes more broad! Which is a problem if you look at the date stamp.Thanks be to everything that saw fit to cancel class today!