August 29, 2007

Thoughts on a Hypothesis

After meeting with the Onion group last week, I confronted the harsh reality of composing my thoughts and the responsibility of making decisions...until today, I have successfully set that reality aside. (I think it is on a stick somewhere at the State Fair) To gather my thoughts, I am trying to answer the question posed to me, What a successful thesis is to me? I found myself tapping into the original interests that lead me into architecture: culture and language. So, now I have my passion, which I think is a great start ( for May) and I need to direct it. These thoughts led me to semiology and Charles Jencks, which led me to wanting to shoot my foot. So, I am still thinking...

August 23, 2007

Getting Started

As we began our foray into the world of the Masters Thesis with our hypotheses and thesis statements, I thought some inspiration to be in order. To that end, the following link provides some examples of how not to start. Unless, of course, you want the next eight months to be a grotesque adventure of epic proportions.

Happy Writing.

August 16, 2007

Testing the Waters

Well, here goes nothing. I resolved at the end of my first round of observing thesis that I would be doing it all differently when my turn came around. No procrastinating. No excuses. I would tap every resource and try anything to streamline the process and get around the bureaucratic hitches of the school. One of my clearest observations was that people didn’t do enough shared writing and editing and that it would be vital to create some sort of writers group to get through it. Now that my time has actually come, we’ll see how that goes. But I do think it behooves me to go this far with the creation of an informal support network. Thus, in the manner required by our first assignment *due the first day of class, folks*
I propose …

Hypothesis: Architecture students are skittish about writing in general and the writing of a thesis tends to terrify us out of all rationality. We haven’t, as a rule, spent a lot of time translating architecture into words and the prospect of producing a 40-odd page document about it is daunting. Add to that the awe inspiring title of “thesis? and the mind runs to panic. Although class work and the current M Arch system make creating a thesis much easier than it would be without any formal system, we are all nonetheless desperate for more support and guidance.

Thesis Statement: My thesis proposes that an extra-curricular writer support group (this blog) can help us through the process by providing moral support, between-deadline motivation and an external sounding board.

To this end I will also continue to hang out at a coffee shop near campus every Wednesday from 7:00 to whenever working on my thesis and happy to exchange ideas with anyone else who shows up. Look forward to seeing you there.