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Naturally the largest scale phenomenon that one can comprehend is the Solar System. The basic definition that we talked about in class of a phenomenon is “a complex system that incorporates things, frameworks, and clockworks.? This said the solar system is a perfect example of what a phenomenon is and how one works. The clockwork in the solar system specifically is that every move of a planet can be calculated because of the pull that the sun has on each planet and the planets have on each other. For instance, we know that there are exactly 365 days in a year here on earth where there are 248 days in a year on Pluto. The framework of the solar system lies in the distances that changes between each planet constantly and how it can always be calculated. A perfect example of this is how the earth is closer to the sun in the summer months and travels farther away during the winter months in its elliptical orbit. Finally, the things, which are the first level of phenomenon, are the objects that exist in the universe that affect what happens to the other objects in the universe. This includes anything from stars to planets which take up space and effect each other.