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ARCH 1701 blog 5

Explore through image and text how the built environment affects (supports or detracts) who you are. Speculate in terms of frameworks, clockworks, phenomena and oppositions...

The built environment affects my life every second of every day...the built environment allows me to live in Minnesota in the winter without freezing to death. The built environment lets me attend class in a room with walls seperate from the class next to me. The built environment, brings water to me every time I wish to wash my hands or brush my teeth. The built environment allows me to flip a switch and automatically have light. The built environment, gives us parks to walk in in the city, roads to drive on to get from point A to point B, and defines what we do where and why. It is a phenomena that we follow...

It is a wonder that we let ourselves be defined by such a systematic organization. At one point in time, all systems we currently live and operate in were established. For some reason we follow them. Why? It is a phenomena that we let our lives be defined by these systems, that we believe that these systems such as electricity, running water and a system to what we do where make our lives easier, that they are practical. What makes these systems correct? What about these systems improves our method of living??? These frameworks, these clockworks have come to rule our life. What would we be without them? Where would we be in life? How would we function?

This structure for our lives has both positive and negative affects. It allows us to function, it gives us the structure to live comfortably, but really what is living comfortably? Is the system we are currently living in what is best for us? Have our adaptations to nature really helped us? Is the pollution and destruction of our planet and environment really worth the built environment we live in day to day?

I realize that I have posed more questions than answers on this topic, but really there are no definite answers when examining our built environment. It affects each and every person differently and each and every person has a different opinion on what is good for our built environment. No one really knows how else our environment could be built because we've never experienced anything else. How do we imagine anything else than what we already know? Nothing really seems all that better than what we currently have in place. To completely reinvent our built environment would be like making up a completely new alphabet with new symbols making new sounds.

Try this: Try to make a completely new noise that could be represented by a symbol that does not consist of or relate to any current letter or their sound. I bet you cannot. It's impossible because we think of new thing through what we already know.

We are already accustomed to the current built environment we live in and there is no way of entirely escaping it. We, to an extent, are stuck with what we currently have. We can make revisions, make innovations, but in the end we just have a tweaked version of what we started with. Therefore, I am content with our current built environment, our current system of frameworks and clockworks that we live our day to day lives in. To me the evolution of the way we live from fire pits and clubs to ipods and airplanes is impressive, even more phenomenal is our continuing knowledge and understand and our acceptance of these advancements.

until next week...kate