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Gregg Withdraws

Eric Black's coverage on Minnpost of Judd Gregg's withdrawal from Commerce Secretary nomination reports Gregg gave "irresolvable conflicts" with Obama as his reason.
Black reports that disagreements on issues such as the economic stimulus package may have led to the withdrawal. Gregg is the second nominee to withdraw.
Black also said that some Republicans had told Gregg to withdraw after Obama's decision to move responsibility for the Census Bureau to the White House.
White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs released a statement implying Gregg sought the Commerce position, and Black said the statement "rings of annoyance" with Gregg.
The Economist reports the withdrawal is another setback for the Obama administration.
According to the Economist, the nomination of Gregg was seen as a commitment for a monderate government from Obama.
The Economist also reports the withdrawal was "rather odd" because Gregg knew the nature of the stimulus package when he agreed to accept the nomination only ten days ago.