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Iran Denies Visa

Iran denied a visa for the U.S. Women's badmitton team it had invited to play in Iran this weekend, the Washington Post reported.
The Foreign Ministry spokesman said during a weekly news conference that the U.S. team would not be playing in the event, the Post said.
The head of the Iranian Badmitton Federation that invited the U.S. team asked for forgiveness and said it had done all the neccessary follow-ups on the visas.
The Obama administration said it was "mystified" by the refusal, and also said they had hoped to reciprocate the invitation by having the Iranian team come to the U.S. to play this summer.
The badmitton event would have been the first cultural exchange with Iran under the new administration, the Post reported.
The U.S.A. Today's coverage included State Department spokesman Robert Wood saying he was disappointed by Iran's actions.
He said the team had supplied all the required paperwork.
U.S.A. Today also reported that the 12-person team is currently headed home from Dubai.