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Iraq Votes

In what was called "the most important election to take place since the fall" of Saddam Hussein by a top Iraqi election offical, about half of Iraqi registered voters turned out, according to the Los Angeles Times.
Even still, Iraqi officials told the Times that they were satisified with the result.
According to the Times, just over half of Iraq's 15 million voters actually voted in this weekend's elections, with turnout as low as 40 percent in one province.
The Times reports that "campaign fever" had gripped the nation over the past few weeks, but that confusion over new voter registration practices may have prevented some voters from casting thier ballots.
The Associated Press also reported on the story, and said the election could show trouble for the biggest Shiite party in Iraq.
AP reported the results could show voters have punished religious-leaning parties that have been blamed for spurring violence, and could reward secular parties said to have helped peace.
Official results, however, are days away, according to AP.