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"It's the Economy Girlfriend"

This week, the New York Times reported on a new support group around time, the DABA girls.
These girls, who are "Dating a Banker Anonymous", have banded together in the hard economic times to support each other and talk about their banker boyfriends.
The girls, who are dating and married to bankers, blame the hard economy for their relationship problems. They get together once a week for drinks and to discuss their boyfriends and husbands problems.
In addition to the meetings, the original DABA girls Laney Crowell and Megan Petrus, have stared a blog that invites other women to join.
The New York Times talked with relationship experts and divorce lawyers, who told the Times that problems with bankers and financial-types during economic recessions do go up, citing blows to egos and financial stress as factors.
The DABA girls told the New York Times that they can judge their partner's moods by paying attention to the financial news of that day, and convey warnings to other DABA girls via color-coded warnings on their blog.
Despite the hardships of the economy weighing on thier relationships, the girls told the Times they are still attracted to their "FBFs" because of their attitude and confidence.