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Lead Analysis

In this story, reported by the Star Tribune on the Senate Economic Stimulus Bill, the journalist chooses a hard news lead with a focus on a quote.
The lead begins with a "who" or Republican leader Mitch McConnell. Because the lead focuses on what he said, and also because he is a fairly well known and important person, the author chooses to use his full name and title. It then tackles the "when", or Sunday, and only then begins to talk about the "what", or the stimulus bill.
Another person is then mentioned, President Obama, due to his prominence and involvement with the bill, but then becomes more general with "congressional Democrats". This could be because Obama is now considered the head of the Democrats, and so in mentioning Obama, specific reference to other important Democrats is not neccessary.
Then finally, the lead discusses what McConnell said, or that the bill could be defeated without certain parts of the bill cut.
I find it interesting that the author chooses to use a quote or paraphrase lead rather than a hard news lead. Although this is certainly a hard news story, it does mostly discuss the decision of a group of people, and the paraphrase quickly outlines what that decision will be and why. Also, due to the high number of stories on this important bill, the author may have wanted to focus on a specific angle and set the angle clear in the lead in order to attrack the attention of the reader.