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Minnesota Media Continues Downslide

David Brauer's reports of local Minneapolis media were not hopeful this week, with the Pioneer Press accepting unpaid furloughs and more stress at the Star Tribune here and here.
According to Brauer, the Pioneer Press voted this week to approve unpaid furloughs, the equivalent of 6 full-time jobs. Leaders of the Pioneer Press Guild said the decision was painful, but obvious.
Co-Chair of the Guild Gayle Grundtner told Brauer the Guild was committed to the future of the Pioness Press, despite the union unsuccesfully gaurenteeing wage freezes during the furlough period.
The Star Tribune also went through turmoil this week according to Brauer.
In a memo Brauer published written by publisher Chris Harte, more savings and budget cuts are coming.
The company's 401-K matching program has been stopped, and pension plans have been frozen. There will also be a 2009 pay-freeze, changes in vacation time, and manager incentives will be stopped said Brauer.
As of now, only non-union members will be affected by these changes, but the memo did say that negotiations with the unions would be taking place.