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Plane Crashes in Buffalo

The Washington Post reported Friday a plane crash in Buffalo, New York.
The Continental commuter plane crash left no survivors, killing 50 people, the Post said.
In addition to the entire crew and all passengers, a resident of the home the plane crashed into also died. Two other residents received minor injuries.
The plane nose-dived into the home, the Post said. Firefighters continued to put out the fire the crash caused before investigators could try to determine what happened.
President Obama said Friday morning one of the deceased was Beverly Eckert, wife of Sean Rooney who died in the World Trade Center on Sept. 11. She and others had met with Obama last week to discuss his plans on terrorism, the Post said.\
CBS News reports the plane that crashed was almost new, and had only been in use for one year.\
The model had a strong safety record, with no fatal crashes, CBS reported.