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Kidnapped Girl Safe

The Star Tribune reported Sunday on an amber alert that was called shortly after midnight.
A 17-year-old girl from Elbow Lake, Minn. was kidnapped by gunpoint by her stepfather, the Tribune reported.
The girl, who had a restraining order against her stepfather, was kidnapped in a parking lot while she was about to attend a movie with her step-brother (not her stepfather's biological son). The stepbrother was bound and left in the car for 30 minutes before he freed himself and called the police.
Later Saturday evening, the stepfather released the girl and allowed her to drive away in his car, the Tribune said.
The Pioneer Press also reported on the story, and talked with a gas station attendant who was working at the gas station the girl called the police from after being released.
The Press reported the girl looked visibly shaken and looked around to see if her stepfather was in the area, according to the attendant.