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Meeting Analysis

This article was written the Marshall Independent on the Marshall City Council Meeting. This is the agenda for the meeting.
The first thing I noticed about the article is that the writer had to pick out what she thought was the most newsworthy. Much like other forms of writing, chronologically did not work. The item that she chose to lead with was the 14th item on the agenda, and much of what was said before it was completely skipped or barely mentioned. The entire article mostly is based off of that one item.
In order to reach other less important items, the author then crafted some of the story in a list much like the agenda. She provided a sentence or a mini-lead for other important items. While the agenda is very long, the author only really covered four of the over 20 agenda items.
This clearly shows the choices that must be made in reporting the news and how much power the media have in deciding what is important and what the people get to hear about. The author really needs a good idea of her audience and what they want to hear and what they care about in order to do her job well.