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Pastor Shot and Killed in Church

A pastor who was known for theatrics at first did not surpirse his congregation when a man approached the altar and shot a bible to peices, the Chicago Tribune reported.
However, parishoners quickly realzied the scene was much more than a dramatization, and instead a terrible tragedy.
After making a fatal shot to the preacher's chest, the shooter's gun jammed. He then pulled a knife, which he used to injure himself and three church-goers who restrained him, the Tribune reported.
The shooter was able to take four shots in the church, the first which was deflected by the pastor's bible.
The shooter had a conversation with the pastor before the service, the Tribune said. The Tribune also reported the pastor was speaking on happiness in the workplace during his sermon. Police would be reviewing audio tapes, the Tribune reported.
The Associated Press reported
that hundreds of people joined together, crying and clutching to Bibles, on Sunday night to remember the slain pastor.