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From Porn to Child Care

A court in Northern Minnesota ruled Sunday that a couple who had previously worked in web porn can qualify for a license for child care and foster care.
A couple from Grand Rapids, Minn., who filmed live, explicit web-feeds from their home was hoping to be able to retain custody of two young children they want to adopt.
The webiste was shut down in 2004, according to the Star Tribune, only one year before the couple started running a day-care out of their home.
Like all child-care workers, the couple underwent background checks, and the Itasca County officials were aware the couple had been involved in pornography when they approved their license in 2005, according to the Tribune.
The couple is now in court after a mother who had intended to give up her children in a private adoption is now fighting for custody back from the couple.
The story did not appear on the Pioneer Press website.