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June 26, 2007

June 26th english blog

The article on racial stereotyping in ads was kind of interesting but at the same time, it stated much of the obvious. I think its safe to say most of us have seen ads that stereotype minority groups. Even though I know those minority groups thinks its wrong to get portrayed in such a manner, I don't really think all such ads should get changed. The article mentioned ads for Aunt Jemima. Sure she might have been a stereotyped "Black mammy" but I don't think they should get rid of that because its very iconic for that pancake company. I would hope that in this day and age, we could get past seeing it as just a stereotype. We shouldn't get rid of such things because it is a big part of our cultures. Many companies like Aunt Jemima have been around for many years and in a way I think they show our history better then any textbook could.

The articles on including a multiracial box on the census were quite interesting. I don't think they should put that box on because I agree with what Ellis Cose said that it would be more confusing as it would but black-asians with native americans who are also white and that just doesn't make sense. Instead I think they should allow people to check more then one box on the forms. That I think will be more accurate.

June 19, 2007

June 19th english blog

The articles this week were interesting. Expecially the "Weasel Words" article. I loved how some words you hear all the time in ads were pointed out to mean almost nothing. Like the word 'virtually'. I must admit that I have fallen for that word many times before. In fact, I had not even thought of its true meaning until I read this article. Once I found out that it simply means "in essence of effect, although not in fact" I about hit myself. It always seemed synonymous with "almost". Since these "weasel words" were pointed out in this article, I've started to notice them in almost all the ads that I've paid attention to recently. Its almost funny when I think back at how I percieved an ad before. I noticed that many times I give meanings that were never actually there. Then again, thats what the ads are trying to do and I fell prefectly into there traps. Still, I think that even though this article brought up good points that I should be on the lookout for in ads, I can't help but feel that I will still fall for advertisers tricks. Hopefully though, I wont fall for them as much as I did before! I think eventually people will start to catch advertisers tricks and not fall for them. But by the time that happens, I'm positive advertisers will have a few new tricks up there sleeves. I guess the lesson here is to stay sharp and catch there tricks so you can't be pulled in by the hallow ads. Then again, sometimes I like to be pulled in; sometimes its nice to think that something so simple as a cleaning product or air freshener can make my house perfect! Until of course, I find all my money wasted on 50 different air fersheners.

June 14, 2007

Reading Response for "The World Is a Text: Introduction"

The introduction to "The World Is a Text" brought up an interesting way to view the world. I, like most people I know, already see the world as "readable" to some extent. Because I see the world like that, it makes sense that I would try to "read" it and so I find the concept of this book very appealing already. To see the world as a text is a brilliant way of digesting all that we see around us. I really like the way they broke down the Tommy Hilfiger ad. It just goes to show that if you delve into what ads are actually portraying, they suggest so much more then what you consciously take in at first glance. In fact, many things in life give off particular messages that we may not at first be able to put our finger on but that you can feel. By treating such things as formal texts, you can start to take that intial feeling you get and convert it into knowledge as of why you are feeling like that. I think in a parctical sense, learning to think this way can help you avoid getting lured in by advertisments. Also, it will help you more fully discover yourself and what you truly like. Doing this can ultimately bring more joy to your life and perhaps more meaning into your life!