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June 26th english blog

The article on racial stereotyping in ads was kind of interesting but at the same time, it stated much of the obvious. I think its safe to say most of us have seen ads that stereotype minority groups. Even though I know those minority groups thinks its wrong to get portrayed in such a manner, I don't really think all such ads should get changed. The article mentioned ads for Aunt Jemima. Sure she might have been a stereotyped "Black mammy" but I don't think they should get rid of that because its very iconic for that pancake company. I would hope that in this day and age, we could get past seeing it as just a stereotype. We shouldn't get rid of such things because it is a big part of our cultures. Many companies like Aunt Jemima have been around for many years and in a way I think they show our history better then any textbook could.

The articles on including a multiracial box on the census were quite interesting. I don't think they should put that box on because I agree with what Ellis Cose said that it would be more confusing as it would but black-asians with native americans who are also white and that just doesn't make sense. Instead I think they should allow people to check more then one box on the forms. That I think will be more accurate.