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Reading Response for "The World Is a Text: Introduction"

The introduction to "The World Is a Text" brought up an interesting way to view the world. I, like most people I know, already see the world as "readable" to some extent. Because I see the world like that, it makes sense that I would try to "read" it and so I find the concept of this book very appealing already. To see the world as a text is a brilliant way of digesting all that we see around us. I really like the way they broke down the Tommy Hilfiger ad. It just goes to show that if you delve into what ads are actually portraying, they suggest so much more then what you consciously take in at first glance. In fact, many things in life give off particular messages that we may not at first be able to put our finger on but that you can feel. By treating such things as formal texts, you can start to take that intial feeling you get and convert it into knowledge as of why you are feeling like that. I think in a parctical sense, learning to think this way can help you avoid getting lured in by advertisments. Also, it will help you more fully discover yourself and what you truly like. Doing this can ultimately bring more joy to your life and perhaps more meaning into your life!