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July 12th english blog

I think the paper 'Jihad vs. Mcworld' was a pretty good research paper all around. I think the subject matter maybe warranted a bigger paper since democracy, to me, seems to be a big subject. I think the author did a good job none the less. He throughly explained what he meant by both Jihad and McWorld. You could tell quite easily that this was written by a professional writer. His vocabulary seemed quite extensive, in fact I had a little trouble understanding all the words. He did a good job of putting them in context however so I could deduce what it meant. for instance, near the end he mentions that the former Soviet Union could become a "democratic confederation" or it could become a "weak conglomeration of markets for other nations goods and services." I don't know what "conglomeration" means but in the context I can assume it means something like a group of different things. I guess what I'm saying is that even though there were terms I didn't understand, I could deduce them just from the paper. I liked how he contrasted McWorld with Jihad. I think that was probably the best way to do a paper like this. The only thing I could think of to maybe complain about is that he seemed to use other sources very sparingly. Maybe too much so. It might have helped if he pointed out other people that supported his thoughts on the subject. Alot of it sounded like just his own idea without any other person thinking the same thing.
The subject matter is debatable enough I think. I can see where hes coming from but I don't know if I really agree with what hes saying. He seems to be pointing out two extreme cases that could happen in the world and its hard for me to believe that either will turn out completely true. I guess I could agree a little more towards the end when he says its not impossible to have democracy in a type of McWorld or Jihad.