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July 17th english blog

I think Nickel and Dimed was a well written book. ( I had to actually read the whole book a few years ago for a sociology course so I'm already familiar with the book.) I think Barbara Ehrenreich did a good job writng for what she is talking about. Since the book is about her experiences at living at minnimum wage, it makes sense that most of the information is only her observations while on the job. After all, that was her research. Instead of looking up other stories about working for minnimum wage for research, she was out there herself gathering it through actually doing it. Overall, I think she did a good job writing about a hard topic in a professional way thats both, I think, a true and interesting insight to living on minnimum wage. ( obviously I say that since I have read the whole book and its hard for me to specifically focus on the 1st chapter only.)

The introduction to the book is good because it gives you an exact knowing as to what shes trying to accomplish with this book. It also gives her a place to introduce her subject and add some factual statistics about low income families and minnimum wage. Plus those statistics also play a good role as hooks to get people to want to read further into the book. For example, she mentions that for a one bedroom apartment, you would need an average of $8.89 an hour and that the odds were 97 to 1 that a welfare recipient will land a job that would pay that much. It kind of drags you in to see what happens to those that can't get that much do to get by. The introduction also serves as a place were she could explain her limits. Since alot of the research that she gathered was through expericence, she had to put some rules in effect so that the reader would know exactly what she was doing. Finally, I think the introduction was good because it gave a place for Barbara Ehrenreich to introduce herself. Since most of the research was done by herself, I think it was good that she mentioned working for a well known magazine (Harper's) because it gives her more credablility as a journalist.