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July 3rd english blog

I liked the article on the five disney movies and how the portrayed the heroines in the movies. I could understand what the authors were saying about how the early disney movies had the girls be like the "perfect girl", always gentle and kind and pretty even though they have to face huge hardships that could bring anyone down. I mean what kind of girl in real life would be like that? But like the article mentions, society kind of expects females to be like that. Its just like the practically unattainable beauty standards our society has for females. I did like how the article showed how the disney movies have progressed with there female charcters. Like how in later years with heroines like pocahontas, they had females who made their own choices and followed the path they wanted to. Finally the heroines have been given a personality in the movies. I think disney has been moving in the right way over the years. I think a good example would be the movie Mulan. That movie actually has gender roles in society as the main plot in the story. The fact that Mulan chose to defy the whole culture and join the army even though it was illegal for women to join was totally awsome. Whats even more awsome was that by the end of the movie, she totally kicked butt. Like most disney movies she ends up with a guy at the end, but I think in this movie thats ok because it showed that even though Mulan was different then most women and that she wasn't the 'perfect girl" she still got her happy ending.