blind girl sees

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I found a story about a girl named Georgia Green who was a college student when the first atomic bomb was being tested in the U.S. Georgia Green was functionally blind, and this meant that she couldn't see mostly everything but could possibly see the difference between dark and light. The story claims that the explosion from the atomic bomb was big enough that a blind person could see a flash. Theories said that since there's rumors of the radiation causing unnatural things to living things, so possibly temporarily giving Georgia sight. This deals with the subject of sensation and perception because there's this girl who's supposed to not sense anything with her eyes, receives a sensation that then is perceived by her brain and recognized the stimulus. Principles that pose a problem to this theory of temporary sight is that there are many hypotheses that could explain it, there's no way to replicate this experiment unless you were to set up another atomic bomb explosion, and there's no extraordinary evidence to explain this extraordinary claim. There is also no simple explanation for this odd occurrence. The article can be found at

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