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Baby one more time

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"Hit me baby one more time" is probably one of the most recognizable phrases from a song from the 90s. Every time I hear those lyrics I can hear the beat in my head without even trying it just pops in there. This may be because I have an older sister who played it all the time when I was younger so its engrained in my mind or because it's just that popular. Actually my sister playing it so much shows how popular it really was. Teen girls or even girls in general saw Britney Spears and heard her sing and instantly wanted to be her. Not only did they want to be her in theory they actually wanted to dress like her look like her and even act like her, and this started a huge domino effect. Now it's no surprise that people idolize their favorite celebrity but this just seems different to me, it seems much more drastic. Girls mirrored her image at a much younger age no matter how young they were they wanted to dress like her which was not necessarily a good thing. There's not really a nice way to put it she just dressed slutty and this is no way for younger girls to dress, it could be understandable for older girls to dress like her but then that means that the younger girls that look up to that girl want to dress like her too. A good example would be two sisters one that is 18 and one that is 12 if the 18 year old one dresses slutty then sure enough the younger one will too. People nowadays don't realize how much of an influence they have on others so they just do what they want to do without thought Britney spears made this video and made it famous and started a trend of looking slutty that has just snowballed more and more to the point where if a girl doesn't show something guys treat her differently than they would some girl in short shorts and a low cut t-shirt. People these days don't use their heads enough and a lot of the bad influences on them that they don't realize are famous musicians.

Fuck the Police

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Fuck the police has quite a shock factor as a song title. When I heard that song for the first time I couldn't help but think "how can they just say this over and over again?" But then I began to analyze where they were coming from and the motivation behind the song. Before I go any further let me just say that I am quite a big rap fan. Rap has much more meaning than people think when people first hear it they can't even process what is going on so they instantly write it off saying it is garbage. These people need to take the time and listen to rap and not only rap but it needs to be the right kind of rap because in my eyes there are three kinds. First there is the "yo mama yo mama smoke a bowl get money get women" this rap may be fun to listen to at a party maybe or in a few occasions. Next there is the main stream meaningful rap, the best example for this would be Jay-Z now his songs have sort of a combination of trying to be popular and having meaning. The motivation he has is split between showing a message and being famous which isn't bad but there is one ore kind. There is the underground or not famous rappers, the best example I know of is Atmosphere all of his songs fueled by a message and a meaning. He couldn't care less if he got 2 million views on youtube because all he sees that as is that 2 million people found a connection with my song and cared to listen about my life for their own benefit. These are the true rappers they rap about the struggles, the highs, the lows, the real life stuff and the reason they rap is to express themselves and to help people essentially. Have you ever listened to a song maybe after a break up or something and it just summed up everything you felt in a span of 3 minutes with a nice beat in the background. That is rap is about to express yourself and hope somebody out there can draw a connection to your story. Fuck the police is quite the powerful saying but who knows what the true meaning behind it is so who are you to say that it is garbage?

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