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I thought I understood thriller before but now that I think about it I never actually watched the video before, I just heard about it in movies or heard the song at some point in my life. All I really knew is Michael Jackson sang it, it had a dance that went along with it, and also that it went well with Halloween. That's about as much as I knew and about as much thought as I put into it before I watched the whole ten minute video. After seeing the video and analyzing it and what it shows about monsters I began to understand more. The idea that has been stuck in my mind is from the reading and that is that the way we react to monsters says a lot about who we are. I personally love watching scary movies because I like to be scared by a movie because I put myself into the same situation so I either have the reaction of "holy crap I would be freaking out if I was him" or I complain "he is so dumb why would he try and find the monster that is trying to kill him in a dark forest at night" and I feel like that says a lot about me. I see the world as it is and constantly put myself in the other person's shoes. So at least with me the idea of reactions to monsters represent real life is quite accurate. In a scary movie there are always the girls that trip while running or need help and there are two types of guys the ones who stop to pick her up and defend her and the ones that see it as an opportunity to get themselves in a better position. When you start asking yourself what you would do in these situations you begin to learn a lot about yourself. Most people would like to say they would help the girl but once you actually think about it the answer might change. In thriller Michael has that defensive characteristic (before he turns into the monster) so that says something to me.

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