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October 17, 2007

From Liz Fine re: Library Services for Graduate Students

Health Sciences Libraries: School of Nursing Update: Extending Graduate Student Access to Online Library Resources
2007.10.15 11:59:32

Library resources are available to be used remotely only for currently-registered students, faculty, and staff. Occasionally, students may be finishing a master's project but not be enrolled in a
credit-bearing course. Or, they may be taking a "break" from school
for a personal reason. When this happens, the student will be unable
to remotely access library resources. This frequently happens and can be a frustrating experience for the student who is legitimately working towards finishing their project/thesis/dissertation.

There is a work-around for this problem. Graduate students who register through the Graduate School (this includes the SoN) and who are working on a thesis or dissertation but are not currently enrolled in courses, may still be eligible to receive full library privileges.

The student may obtain borrowing privileges by registering for the zero-credit, zero-fee, non-graded registration option (GRAD 999) offered through the Graduate School:
Once registered, a graduate student’s University accounts will be reactivated.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

October 4, 2007

Naming Contest

As the NHCSA track converts to a DNP program from an MS program, I would like to take the opportunity to create a new name that would better reflect the nature of the program. I would really welcome any suggestions you might have. Different schools have used different titles, such as: Nursing and Healthcare Leadership; Nursing and Healthcare Management;Healthcare Systems Leadership; Health Care Systems; Organizational Leadership; Nursing Business Executive; Leadership in Health Care Systems. Give me some out of the box ideas. Thanks, Helen

Deadly Consequences

From time to time I will post articles that I think are of relevance to Nursing and Healthcare Systems Administration. Take a look at this latest research about the nursing shortage. Helen

Careeer Opportunity

I am writing to request your assistance on a senior level opportunity that I am currently recruiting for at Vanderbilt in Nashville.

We have been retained to recruit an Associate Hospital Director for Nursing. This is a newly created role and is essentially the senior nursing position for Vanderbilt University Hospital (500+ beds), which is the flagship of the VUMC System. This position reports directly to the CEO of the hospital, with a dotted line relationship to the system CNO.

Do you know of anyone that would be interested and/or appropriate for us to contact about this opportunity? Also, I am happy to forward a copy of the job specification if that would be beneficial.

Any referrals/suggestions are greatly appreciated and please know that all referrals will be kept confidential.

Thank you for your time.


Zack Reynolds
Quick Leonard Kieffer
555 W. Jackson Boulevard
2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60661

I will be posting career opportunities here. Please feel free to share with any of your colleagues.

October 2, 2007

Purpose of the Blog

I have created this blog for Nursing and Healthcare Administration students at the University of Minnesota School of Nursing. You are welcome to post questions about your programs, share information relevant to your learning experiences, discuss issues that are relevant to your areas of study. Please feel free to use this blog to interact with colleagues in the NHCSA track. Helen