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January 28, 2008

NHCSA Practicum Considerations for Fall 2008

Important to think about in terms of preceptors and sites.
1. A nurse with a Master’s degree. Does not have to be a Master’s in Nursing. Could be an MPH, Master’s in Health Services Administration, an MBA. I.e., prepared at the graduate level in leadership, administration, business, human resources, etc.
2. A leader in the organization. Someone who holds a position to which you might aspire. Someone who has had strong experience in his or her area of leadership/management. Does not have to be a traditional manager/administrator. Could be someone who directs a service or program in the organization like Safety, Quality, Utilization, Organizational Development, Staff Development, Advanced Practice, Research.
3. The preceptor should be someone who can grant access to other resources, teams, and personnel in the organization. E.g., Can he or she get you to an executive staff or board meeting?
4. An organization that is not your own and that has programs and services that are of interest to you in your development as a leader.
5. A good fit with you personally and professionally.
6. Someone who will have the ability to spend 30 minutes to and hour with you about once a week.

Please contact me in the next month or so to discuss your plans for fall. Thanks, Helen