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False Bomb Alaram at Canadian Embassy

The Houston Chronicla reported on Monday an employee at the Canadian Embassy in Paris got a nosebleed after opening an envelope and getting a nosebleed. The envelope had a piece of tissue soaked in liquid, said a fire department spokesperson. The envelope turned out to be a false alarm which was discovered after the Embassy was evacuated. The employee was taken to a hospital for treatment.

On challenge for this story is to not start a panic. The reporter from the associated press gave the bare facts and didn't go into much detail but that is considering that this only happened this morning. The reporter also didn't start naming suspects which is good because the reporter doesn't know for sure who is to blame for this and since it was a false alarm, no one may be to blame for this. They attributed what little information they knew correctly; "The envelope in question contained a piece of tissue soaked in liquid, raising the alert, said Florent Hivert, a fire department spokesman. Initial tests found that the contents were not toxic, he said." The reporter also mentioned that the Embassy was unavailable for comment.

The Vancouver Sun also reported on this story. The reporter used the same quote as the Houston Chronicle, but that is because it is an important quote to the story. This story noted the location of the embassy and that onlookers were kept behind a police line. The reporter also used good imagery: "Men in white protective jumpsuits and gas masks went in and out of the building. "

The Vancouver Sun did a better job with this story because they mentioned the location of the embassy, which is important for international readers. The reporter also gave a big picture when he/she mentioned the witnesses outside the embassy. The imagery gave the audience a clearer picture, where as the reporter for the Houston Chronicle didn't mention the men in white jumpsuits.