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Ferry Accident in Sydney

The Boston Herald published an AP report on an accident that killed three people on Wednesday night under Sydney's Harbour Bridge. A passenger ferry crashed into a pleasure boat that carried members of Australia's ice skating team in Sydney to participate in a weeklong seminar by U.S. figure skating coach Kathy Casey. Australian figure skating judges Alan Blinn and Simone Moore were killed and the identity of the third victim is unknown at this time.

The reporter faced the challenge of not putting blame on one boat of the other. The reporter avoided placing blame and used quotes from witnesses. " 'The boat basically just disintegrated,? said witness Clive Marshall, who was on another ferry passing nearby. ?There were a couple of people hanging onto the wreckage. We had people in the water and bits of boat and the boat sinking and people screaming for their missing friends.' " This quote helps give the reader an idea of what happened without taking sides.

The Austrailian also reported on this accident. This report came very soon after the accident and the lead was used as an announcement of the confirmation of the identities of two of the deceased. This reporter talked more about the area underneath the bridge and quoted a government official. The reporter also wrote about the impact this will have on the figure skating community. "In Australia's close-knit ice skating world, the accident has hit hard. Simone Moore's childhood friend Debbie Noyes said she was someone who was always there.
“I'm just shocked and numbed. I'm expecting to pick up the telephone any minute and just ring Simone and say Hi,? she said.' "

The reporter from The Australian says theree were 15 people on teh boat, where as the AP reporter said there were 12. Both stories had the same time of the accident, 10:45 pm. The reporter from The Australian did a better job in my opinion because he got reactions from people close to the vitcims and didn't simply state that there was an accident, like the AP reporter did.