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Reason for Anna Nicole Smith's death

The Houston Chronicle puclished an AP story about the reason for Anna Nicole Smith's death. The cause of death was "an accidental overdose of a sleeping medication and at least eight other prescription drugs, and she had recently had a bacterial infection from injecting drugs into her buttocks, authorities said Monday." The reporter also goes on to describe the various drugs Smith was taking and the events leading up to and following her death. The reporter also discusses the simliarities between Smith's death and the death of her son.

One challenege for the reporter is to stay unbiased. It is tough because many people speculate that Smith overdosed on illegal drugs or on purpose. By quoting the medical examiner, it gives credit to the cause of death and the reporter isn't speculating.

The Detroit Free Press also reported on this news. The reporter used many quotes from the medical examiner when discussing the cause of death. This is needed to show some authority over the information given. This also helps keep an unbiased story because some people think she died from other things.

I liked the Detroit Free Press article better because the reporter didn't re-tell the events that have happened. Most people following this story already know what happened. A brief paragrpah summarizing the past events would have been more helpful than several paragraphs.