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Amish School Re-opens

The Kansas City Star published a story by AP about the Amish schoolhouse that reopened on Monday. The new schoolhouse replaces the one torn down 10 days after the Oct. 2 attack by Charles Carl Roberts IV. The school house is more secure with a private drive leading up to the school and state troopers guarded it on Monday. New Hope Amish School has a steel door that locks from the inside but no phone. Its location behind a row of non-Amish homes provides a way to quickly summon help in an emergency, since during the rampage, a teacher had to run to a neighboring farm to call 911.

The reporter got many quotes from the zoning officer and a neighbor. This gives color and perspective to the story without the reporter sounding too one sided, even though this is a tough situation. The reporter also gave a brief update on the condition of those who were wounded during the attack. He also described how the school was paid for.

The reporter for the Baltimore Sun used a very descriptive lead "As a morning mist burned off the surrounding pastures, four children hurried up the long driveway carrying lunch pails. The smallest boy skipped. " This contrasts to the next paragrpagh that described the attack and proves why the childrens happiness is so important. The reporter got a quote from a member of a liberal Amish sect who explains that the school hosue is a "stark reminder." The reporter described alot of what was happening on Monday morning at the school house. The repoter also filled the reader in on where the students had been studying since the shooting.

I think the reporter of the Baltimore Sun did a better job because they painted a picture of what was happening and how the community was reacting. They also wrote about what happened between the attack and the opening of the new school. This gives the reader a full story and complete time line of events.